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Except for GCC nationals, all other nationalities must obtain a UAE residence visa to legally live in the UAE. There are different types of residency visas for expats that suit different requirements. A residence visa is a must and will be requested for day-to-day necessities.

Investor Residence Permit

For those who have established a company in Dubai and listed as a partner in the company license qualify for a Residence Permit. By law all shareholders in the company are eligible for Residence Status. Once your company is established, we can arrange for your Residence Permit in a very short period of time.

Employee Residence Permit

For any kind of employee (Manager, Clerks, Sales and Laborer...etc.) a work visa is issued based on the successful approval of Work Permit from the Ministry of Labor.

Dependent Visa

This is in regards to the sponsored resident sponsoring a husband/wife and children. Every resident of Dubai can sponsor their immediate family should they be the company owner or an employee. As long as certain requirements are met, you can easily sponsor your family upon completing your own residence status.

Attested marriage certificate and labor contract needs to be supplied in case of sponsoring spouse. We can support on the attestation of the certificate by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

Attested Birth Certificate and labor contract are also required in order to sponsor children.

Relative Visa

Regarding those who wish to sponsor parents, parents-in-law, brothers or sisters - Since this kind of visa is not a common procedure a special application needs to be done at the Immigration under the Humanitarian Department.

Expiry & Cancellations

Expiry happens after the expiry date of the visa or if you are outside the UAE for consecutive 6 months. Expiry does not mean your residence visa is cancelled, It means is not valid.

Cancellation of a residence visa is a process which needs to be managed even if the visa has expired. Failure to do so means that in future, a new visa, whether for residency or just a visit, will not be issued.

We have strong relations with both the Immigration Department and Ministry of Labor meaning we can complete your visa as well as your employee's in a very short period of time. We also have great experience in getting residency approvals for some nationalities generally having difficulties. We will complete all the necessary security measures for those and all other procedures that may be involved.

We will only need the requested documents from you and we will take care of the entire process - from applying for the entry permit to completion of the Residence Permit.

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